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Uglies - Hitler

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     In the book, Uglies people believed in "perfect societies".  The Nazis along with Hitler also believed in a "perfect society" that included people with blonde hair and blue eyes and Anti-Semites (anti-Jew).  Just like the the book, those who weren't of the "perfect" race were considered an outsider.  There where many medical experiments done to "purify" people and were usually very gruesome.   Men under the age of forty who seemed healthy were chosen to be used for the experiments. Although the things done to the people during the Holocaust was much more grotesque, the Holocaust and the actions of Hitler can compare to Uglies.



Adolf Hitler

  • Born April 20, 1889
  • Wanted to become a famous artist before he was involved in the Nazi party. - He painted pictures and made ads for stores.
  • Failed school that prepared him for college.
  • A WWI hero.
  • April 1921 became the Fuhrer of the Nazis political party.
  • Anti-Semist
  • Started WWII
  • Planned to destroy the "subhuman" population.
  • Committed suicide in April 1945, when Germany's effort was overturned.


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Uglies Setting


By: A.S

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Adam said

at 9:46 am on Mar 31, 2009

Good Job! This is the beastliest connection in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reggie said

at 9:33 am on Apr 1, 2009

You did a great job geting all of the info aboutHitler.

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